Montag, 19. Mai 2014

Vodka and blocked mountain passes

So far quiet a lot happened in our quiet short stay in georgia. We had our first two raindays in a row, we had our first buzz on the highway, we had the hottest days of our trip and for the first time we might have to turn back.
So first the rainy days. Actually nothing spectacular ,it just raoned for two days and we didnt like it because the Georgian roads we were on in these days were quiet full and it is no fun being overtaken by a truck with a safety distance of 60cm in the wet. This is why Cedric tried a different approach, being picked up ,as you can see in the picture below. Unfortunately for the truckers or for him ,i dont know but no one stopped.
The vodka incidence happened 3 days after batumi. We ran out of food after a very thin breakfast ans couldnt find any place where we could buy something to eat. The day was really hot and we were in the mountains. At around 12am we were getting really hungry and at 1pm we were starving when we saw a huge house beside the road with a bread painted on it. We went in to get some brea and when we came out we were invited to a drink by two old big guys sitting on the veranda in front of a table with delicious food. Polite as we are we kindly accepted the offer. As if we didnt know not to drink on a empty stomach. Luckily we were also invited to eat with them so we didnt have to push the bikes when we left an hour and another vodka later. I really think that the glasses are bigger here in Georgia ,or just with the two of them. What came then is predictable, we went to the next nice place to lay down, ate some more and took a nap. The next day we passed the Gomi-vodka factory and couldnt resist.
The other days were a little quieter, we met annoying(at least in my opinion)children who gave us a big Georgian flag, we slept on a porch ,30 meters off the highway, we rode on the motorway for one day and no one cared and we met a corean guy who travelled to georgia on a folding bike.
Now to the blocked mountain pass. As it turns out two days ago an avalance blocked the road 30 km ahead of us and we cant pass. What we will do about that we will see tomorrow. The best case scenario is that there is a way around the blocked area you can go by bike and its only the cars which have to stop, the worst case scenario is that we have to go back and find another point to get across to russia. So fingers crossed!

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