Donnerstag, 22. Mai 2014

Azerbaijan, here we come

Yesterday we arrived in beautifuln Stephansminda, wanting to cross the border after a wet an cold night (snow in may, why?!) and were stopped by a georgian policeman, 25 km from the border, 20 from the blocked road. He made clear to us that he would let no one pass and that we should go back. When we said something about our Kazakhistan visa ,he started to laugh. So far so good, we decided to stay a night and to ask around if there would be other ways to get to the border.
Later that day ,we found out, that the road will be blocked for at least 10 days and that the russians closed the border as long as the streets remains closed. So even sneaking around the policeman and the blocked road wouldnt have done us any good.
So we sat down to search for other options. The best we came up with is this one. We'll go back over the mountains, get a transit-visa for Kazakhstan, take the train to Baku ,the bus to the Russian border and cross there. Inschallah ,as we learned in Turkey. The fun part, besides going back over the mountains, is that we will meet Till and Aigar in Tblisi again. There just seems to be no getting rid of them. :-)
Since I cant add pictures of the planning and the policeman ,i'll add some others of the last few days.
The first one is with Johnny the honey dealer, his mate and Annie and Steve who are above 70 and cycled faster up the mountain than we us, though in our defence I have to say, that they had hardly any luggage.
In the third one it is snowing, although you cant really tell from the picture i think.

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