Donnerstag, 8. Mai 2014

The good live with the Visa

So ,where to start... first things first ,we have our russian and the kasachian visa. They arrived in Samsun after 5 long days of waiting and we were free to continue our trip with our new travel companions Till and Olcay. The first day after Samsun we camped right at the beach of the black sea which turned out to be a meeting place for the local people for drinking ,music and dancing. We were already preparing for a long night full of turkish music and Efes beer, but they left early and we were alone again.
The next day ,we continued on the d10 along the coast and made good progress towards Trabzon, since it was mostly flat. That night we found a beautiful camping spot right by the sea in a garden of a summer home. the only problem was that Olcay broke his trailer, going through the ditch to cross the road. The people there were Very nice there and even fixed the trailer. The next morning after 200 m of riding Olcays gears broke. We tried to fix it but after I hab my turn ot was completely borken and we had to leave him behind. With a bad concience we rode on to meet an english teacher, Till contaced via couchsurfing ,she organised a sleeping place for us in a garden pavillion of a restaurant so we didnt have to set up our tents. In the evening we met Samy. He is a real funny guy, 23 years in germany now back in turkey he was happy to talk german and we shared some Raki at the beach by a fire fueled by plastic boxes ans some wood. It doesnt even smell that bad and they burn extremely well, just as a little tip to all the outdoor enthusiasts!
The next morning we had an amazing turkish breakfast with the family of a friend of Aische ,the english teacher.
In pouring rain we continued our joirney to Trabzon and arrived there to meet our contact who would later organize a sleeping place for us withe help of half of the Trabzon University students. Its amazing how uncomplicated and hospitable the people here are.
The next day we met Olcay to our surprise. He had the bike fixed and must have sprinted all the way to catch up with us. He also organized a sleeping place in a dormatory (which has a climbing wall!!!) for us where we met a lot of good people and experienced firsthand that there is not a big difference between the german: "tonight we are gonna dring a few beers" and the turkieh equivalent. Somehow we have a headache today ,it must be the air here in Trabzon.
tomorrow we will continue our trip with a Lithuan biker we met in the Trabzon city park ,playing on a drum.
As you might have noticed, this is our first blog post in english. Since we met a lot of people on the road so far and most of them were not fluent in german ,we decided that we write in english aswell as in german. The posts will not be the same ,Cedric will continue to write in german.

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