Dienstag, 29. Juli 2014

Back in Russia again

Our last days in Kazakhstan were really good. We had great campspots and always tailwind. One of the best spots was at a small river where we hung a rope from a tree to swing into the water. It was great fun. Because of the tailwinds we always arrrived quiet early and hhad a lot of time for reading, we also started to actually use the guitars we have with us. Mostly Cedrics guitar, since mine is completely broken by now. Surprisingly it is a good Cajon substitute, hence not completely useless. The border crossing from Kazakhstan to Mongolia was no problem. We could skip the line and were waived right through. It's great with the bikes, no waiting in line like all the other normal folk. 
On our first day in Russia, Cedric took a involuntary mud bath, which was a lot of fun, at least for me. Luckily we met Arman the next day. He stopped us on the road and invited us to his parents house with the words: "moi dom (my house) shashlik". The evening was ike a lot of fun, good food and Vodka. The night didn't end with Cedric's bike ride, but unfortunately there are no more photos. So some of it might be lost to living memory.

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