Sonntag, 13. Juli 2014

Water and the beauty of unspectacularity

Since we left Kostanay about onen week ago, nothing spectacular has happened. The roads were good, we always had campspots which were at least ok and the wind was never too strong. Basically it was really nice.
Also the landscape is pretty unspectacular, mostly green corn fields to the horizon on the one side of the road and on the other the railway from kostanay to astana. The only thing which was a bit unpleasant is the heat. It is impossible to stay in the tent later than 9:00in the morning because it gets like an oven in there. During the day we usually have around 35°C. So we each drink our 4 liters each easily. Despite the heat we made good progress towards Astana and because of the good roads and wind we are not as tired in the evenings. What also helps is, that we found a lake or a river each night. Sometimes big enough for swimming or at least to rinse the worst dust off and soften the salt crust on our foreheads. It is really great to be able to have a lake or river to wash in. Without it we would only be able to take a 0.75l shower, which is better than nothing but still not quiet enough. This and the fact, that we always have to ask other people for water, to fill up our bottles, somehow really changed my attitude towards water. It seems much more important and suddenly takes a big place in my daily live. Every time we have access to a shower it seems like a great luxury.
Right now we are in Atbasar, a small town 250km from Astana where we took a hotel room so we can watch the world-championship-final. In case germany wins we are planning to set up the first "Fanmeile" in the history of Atbasar.
Below a few pictures with my new camera, yes i finally found one in Kostanay where we also found the old public transport buses from berlin. It felt like home. :-)

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