Freitag, 4. Juli 2014

All good

After we had an amazing time in Orsk, which Vicky made possible by organizing everything for us and helping with our problems with the russian language we continued our journey north towards Troitsk. Although we keep improving, our russian is not perfect yet, as we learned again today at the migration police where we had to register. Some people seem to think that if they repeat the sentence louder with intensive eye contact ,that you will understand it. Well, we usually don't.
On our way to Troitsk we got invited by some really nice people who let us stay at their home (have look at Cedrics blog entry )
That we just met those people without doing anything but sitting by the river got us thinking. Somehow some of the best things on our trip just happened without us doing anything but being at the right place at the right time. But maybe even that is not true. I think, that other good things would have happened if we would have taken a different turn or stayed longer in one place. Somehow everywhere we go there are good people. Either we are incredibly lucky, we just like everybody or there are so many more good people than bad ones, that you dont even get in touch with those.
I am positive ,that we will continue meeting good people on our journey, if by statistics or luck. I am fine with both.
Since i still dont have a camera, below only one photo taken with my phone at one of those good people's house. Cedric with his secret crush, Lisa.

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