Dienstag, 17. Juni 2014

The great kazakh hospitality

After we had our black friday 13th (Check out Cedrics blogpost Freitag der 13.) with everything from flat tires to broken back achsles and lost cameras we also had the best time in Kazakhstan so far. After we got the back achsle of my bike repaired provisionally with the help of a lot of really nice people and a car mechanic in the village near our campspot, we continued on our way to Aktobe where we had the number of a guy we met in a diner in a village in the middle of nowhere. In Alga we had one of the really nice experiences. A boy stood on the side of the road and told us loudly in english to stop. He introduced us to his neighbourhood, his village, his family and invited us inside to eat.e homemade cheese was amazing and his family really nice and very welcoming. After 30 minutes they told us very nicely that we were free to move on now which is perfect. No uncomfortable silence where you dont know if you should stay or go but a nice goodbye. The next day we arrived in Aktobe and tried to call our contact, Evgeni, in the hope that his multilingual wife would pick up. She didnt and since you cant talk with your hands and feet on the phone it was really difficult until his son, Sergej who speaks english, got on the phone and we were able to meet them. They invited us to stay with them in their home even though they didnt know us at all and we really didnt smell of roses. We prepared the dinner and later we watched the game Germany-Portugal together with Vodka and beer and Chips. A perfect night. Today they helped us to get all the spare parts for our bikes we needed. It is incredible to what lenghts they would go to help us. They drove us around the city the whole day in search of the parts we needed and of course we were not allowed to pay since we are the guests. We will stay with them one more night and move on tomorrow towards Orsk.

Below are a few more pictures from aktobe and a wedding party who stopped me on the highway and gave me money to take a picture with them. I am thinking of starting a modelling career.

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