Samstag, 7. Juni 2014

Hitch-hiking by bus, camels and scorching heat

Right now we are in a betting office in the kazakhian plains where we took refuge from the sun and 40°C in the shadow. The problem is that there is no tree or bush high enaugh to cast any shadow. And the camels and wild horses move too much to have a rest in their shadow.
But the interesting part is how we got here. We left georgia by bike, wanting to catch a ride to russia in azerbaidjan because we needed to get to the kazachian border as fast as possible because of our visa and we only had a.transit visa for Azerbaidjan itself. When we crossed the bordee we had to catch a bus to Baku where we arrived in the evening ,with just enough time to get out of the city to find a campspot just by the motorway. Beautiful. The next day we tried to hitch hike with our bikes which actoally worked. After 20 minutes a Truck pulled up and took us close to the russian border. We even got a free lunch, invited by the truckdriver.
The next day we crossed the russian border after hours of waiting, they are not used to bikes to cross the border and you are not allowed to cross over to russia by bike so we had to catch another ride to drive the 300m to the russian or rather Dagestan side.
There we tried to catch another ride. After half an hour we got a ride. The driver was convinced to take us by a old big man who turned out to be a policeman. And the police in dagestan are not just police but have the god like power to pull up any car and order them to take us with them. So basically we moved from police station to police station for two days where they ordered buses and cars alike to take us with them until we were at the kazakhian border in time. The people didnt even hate us when we delayed the bus and didnt even pay but even invited us to lunch. Great people!
When we arrived in Kazakhstan the land made it very hard for us to like it. The first 2 days we had flies everywhere. As soon as you stopped you were covered with them.
Then there are always strong winds from the east, ao headwinds for us and last but not least the heat.
Then there is the other side with wild horses everywhere, camels walking around and rivers every 30-40km where you can refresh yourself with a quick bath.
Strangely the best thing so far was when we met a turkish truck driver last nigt who invited us to the complementary cay and made a really good salad for us. In the background horses came from everywhere to drink at the river nearby and to round it up we had an amazing sunset. Maybe Kazakhstan is not so bad after all.

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