Donnerstag, 7. August 2014


Today we arrived in barnaul in the altai region. In the last days we recovered from a little low, first Cedric than me and now we are back to our top form(nevertheless a little scared from the altai mountains... :-) ).
On the way here we met a lot of people among them two germans travelling with a 20 year old vw polo from germany to mongolia.
Yesterday celebrated the birthdays of Ruslan and Alexey who demonstrated his rally driving skill on the dirt road and also let us have a go in his russian like-a-muscle-car-lada.
Like always we met them by coincidence by a lake where we had our campspot. Also there was a huge swing into the lake which was great even though we still havent managed to do the backflip we always went for. (For pictures check out Cedrics post: )
Tomorrow we will continue towards mongolia where we hopefully will arrive in about two weeks. Somehow I am really excited that suddenly Mongolia is so close.

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